Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The controversies continue for Indian tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik who announced a few days ago that they would be getting married in mid-April. There was always the issue that the two come from neighbouring countries which share a volatile relationship, and since there has also been the Ayesha Siddiqui factor.

Sania Shoiab Marriage
Siddiqui claims that she and Shoaib got married in 2002, and says that he can't marry Sania until he divorces her. Ayesha and her parents have threatened to sue Shoaib unless he formally divorces her, they also claim to have documents to prove that the marriage happened. Meanwhile, Shoaib has denied that the marriage took place.
The latest development is that Shoaib was in India at Sania's house in Hyderabad on Saturday (April 3). The reason for his sudden visit is not known.

In India, Sania has also been criticised by Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray for selecting a Pakistani husband. For this reason, as well as the Ayesha controversy, it is being speculated that the marriage might be shifted from Hyderabad to Dubai. Sania and Shoaib had planned on settling in Dubai after they were married.

But through all the controversy and rumours, Sania is standing by her man. She posted on her Twitter account, "Me and my family know what the truth is, we've known it all along and we have confidence in god's justice."

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